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Treatment Facilities for Austin Alcoholics

Austin alcohol treatment facilitiesTreatment facilities are essential for the treatment of alcohol abuse. Through the process of detox, addiction treatment and aftercare services, you will find the necessary assistance to begin a new life without alcohol. Alcohol treatment facilities have high success rates, with more than 70 percent of people finding great benefits in the treatment programs. If you’re an Austin alcoholic, you need to recognize when you have a problem and overcome obstacles to get the help you desperately need.

Alcohol Treatment Facilities for Austin Alcoholics

Austin, Texas has a number of residents who struggle to function with alcoholism — somewhere around the national average of 30 percent of the population. If you are among them, here are some signs that you require treatment for your drinking:

  • You drink at inappropriate times of the day (early in the morning, for example).
  • You drink copious amounts of alcohol by yourself.
  • You regularly have more than two drinks on a nightly basis.
  • You get defensive when people say you’re an alcoholic.
  • You miss out on work and other responsibilities due to drinking.

Obstacles to Attending Alcohol Treatment Facilities

You may have a number of reasons why you don’t want to enter into alcoholism treatment, regardless of how badly you need it.  Below are the most common obstacles, but they can be overcome:

  • About 80 percent of alcoholics are concerned about the cost of alcohol rehab. Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment facilities can be expensive and few who live with alcoholism have the money to pay for treatment.
  • Another issue is the need to continue working and taking care of children at home. Many Austin alcoholics fear that their families will fall apart without them or that they will lose their jobs if they take time to get treatment.
  • Individuals fear that they will lose their freedom when they enter rehab, or that they will be seen as weak.

Alcohol rehab doesn’t have to be scary, expensive or destroy your life. In fact, the effects of an alcohol addiction may make you lose your children and your job, devastate your finances and steal your health. When you take the time to heal at an alcohol rehab, you take your life back from the grip of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Treatment Facilities: 3 Phases of Treatment

Though every alcohol treatment facility is different, there are three phases of treatment that are commonly found in most rehab programs: alcohol detox, alcohol addiction treatment and aftercare services.

  • Alcohol Detox. The first step in alcohol rehab is to detox alcohol out of your system. For many, this period after you stop drinking can be fraught with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. A medical alcohol detox can help to diminish the intensity of symptoms and make sure that you are treated should complications develop due to co-occurring disorders.
  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment. After detox, the next step is alcohol addiction treatment, characterized by intensive therapy and counseling. This is a very critical period for any Austin alcoholic as it helps them identify how the addiction was formed and how to avoid relapse.
  • Aftercare Services. Aftercare services drive home the principles learned in treatment and provide support to continue to remain sober. Some services include sober living homes, 12-step treatment programs and outpatient support groups.

If you would like to learn more about alcohol treatment facilities for you or your Austin loved one, call us today.