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Do I Have to Give up Fun to Get Sober?

Do I Have to Give up Fun to Get Sober? It can be hard to imagine life in Austin without your substance of choice, but drug use does not provide real fun, happiness or human connections. You do not have to indulge in a dangerous and unhealthy habit, as activities are more enjoyable when you have full control of yourself and remember all the details. You don’t have to give up fun to get sober, as once you are no longer using drugs or alcohol you get to start having real fun without placing yourself, your loved ones or strangers in danger.

Sober Life in Austin

Sober life in Austin may seem more difficult at first, but there are so many ways to have drug and alcohol-free fun. One of the best options is to simply hang out with your friends and family. You can really get to know them without the influence of alcohol, and they can get to know you in return. They will probably even like you better for it. Any friend worth keeping will understand and support your addiction recovery goals. Friends that continue to use or criticize your choice not to are not true friends and are best left behind with your past addiction.

Staying Active after Addiction

When you are not spending your time drinking or using drugs, you can find new hobbies, spend time outdoors, take up a new fitness challenge and find new social venues. You can expand your circles of friends by visiting new places, learn new skills by taking classes and feel better than ever by finding a fun fitness activity such as dancing, biking or hiking.

Find a Sober Life after Addiction

If you are struggling with addiction or having a hard time maintaining recovery or finding happiness in a sober life, call our toll-free helpline. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call and learn more about your options.