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Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Austin

Alcohol Rehab Treatment in AustinStudies have shown that no more than 60 percent of people with an addiction to alcohol are seeking treatment in the United States. In Austin, no more than 45 percent of those currently abusing alcohol are enrolled in a treatment program. This indicates that there’s a substantial number of people across the country, including within Austin, who need help they aren’t getting.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Options for Austin Residents

There are three major treatment options available to alcoholics:

  • Free Alcohol Rehab Treatment. If money is of major concern, you may be able to get into a free alcohol rehab treatment. One type of free assistance comes in the form of 12-step meetings or AA. Meetings happen all over the US and are free of charge. State and federal funds also go to secure spots in both outpatient and inpatient alcohol rehab facilities. While there is often a waiting list, there is no charge to you for these services. Currently, about 30 percent of alcoholics are involved in free programs.
  • Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Treatment. Outpatient alcohol addiction treatment programs allow you to continue your work or school schedule and maintain responsibilities at home on a limited basis while undergoing treatment. The lower cost makes this a first choice for many.
  • Residential Alcohol Rehab Treatment. By far the most comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment available as well as the most effective, residential alcohol rehab programs offer patients the best treatment for a successful recovery and a new life without addiction.

Do You Need an Alcohol Rehab Treatment Program?

It’s not always easy to have the objectivity to identify whether or not you need alcohol rehab treatment. Some of the most general signs of alcohol abuse include:

  • Cravings for alcohol
  • Loss of control when you drink
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking
  • A heightened tolerance for alcohol, meaning you need to drink more to get the same effects
  • Drinking is more important to you than your job or other responsibilities
  • You feel the need to hide your drinking

If you experience the above with your drinking, then it’s clear you’ve got an addiction that requires help.

If you need an alcohol rehab treatment program for yourself or someone you love in Austin, call us today. We can help you find inpatient alcohol rehab, alcohol detox or outpatient alcohol rehab that can assist you. We’d also be happy to help you consider your options so you can find the most appropriate form of treatment.