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Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol InterventionConfronting a loved one in Austin about her struggle with alcoholism is never easy. However, doing so is one of the most caring and loving acts a person can perform, because untreated alcoholism may eventually lead to a plethora of health risks, including liver disease, alcohol poisoning, and even death. One way to execute a careful and thoughtful confrontation is to plan an intervention with the aid of a rehab center. An intervention is an organized meeting during which family members of an alcoholic discuss how their loved one’s alcoholism has impacted them personally. The ultimate goal of an intervention is to direct the alcoholic to a rehab program.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Holding an Intervention?

As with any bold and meaningful step that may change a person’s life for the better, there are risks of holding an alcohol intervention. Speak with a counselor before holding an intervention for your loved one in Austin, in order to avoid risks that may be unnecessary. One possible risk of an intervention is, of course, that the intervention will fail and the desired result of the addict beginning treatment will not ensue. This can cause tension and even anger among family members; even so, at least the alcoholic will begin to see that his addiction is far-reaching and affects more than his own physical and mental health.

What Are the Benefits of Holding an Alcohol Intervention?

There are numerous benefits to holding an alcohol intervention, including that the alcoholic has a chance to witness firsthand how much her loved ones care and how deeply they are concerned. Austin alcoholics often become isolated by their compulsions, but an intervention allows for a time to reconnect with family and reality. And of course the most beneficial result of a successful intervention is that the alcoholic begins treatment and has a chance for a long lasting recovery.

Help Planning an Alcohol Intervention for Austin Residents

If someone you love is struggling with alcoholism and you are considering holding an intervention, call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline for support and information. We can direct you to the tools you need to host an intervention that may lead your loved one to join a treatment program. Our phone lines are open 24/7, and all calls are free and confidential, so please don’t hesitate to call at any time. Call now, and see how planning an intervention can help your loved one.