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Alcohol Detox and Treatment

Alcohol DetoxWhen alcoholics stop drinking, they may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. For these alcoholics, alcohol detox should be the first step of a treatment program. More than 30 percent of people who begin receiving treatment for alcoholism will not be able to get through this process, instead relapsing and starting to drink again. This is what alcohol detox can prevent, making it so essential to the recovery process.

Why Alcohol Detox and Treatment Are Essential

Alcohol is a toxin and has many short- and long-term effects on the mind and body. Whether you drink wine, beer or hard liquor, you are ingesting a toxin every time you drink and when you’re an alcoholic that can be every day. Over time, your body gets accustomed to these toxins and will change the way it functions to better handle them.

When you stop drinking, your body has to readjust, which is when alcohol withdrawal symptoms can surface. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include feeling sick to your stomach, sweating profusely, tremors, headaches and more. The symptoms can be mild to severe or even fatal, depending on the duration of your alcohol abuse.  Alcoholics may find these effects hard to tolerate, and it can lead them to drink again or use other drugs. You’ll have much better success if you go to a detox facility; otherwise, your health can be put at risk.

How to Choose an Alcohol Detox Program

When you’re considering your detox facility options, here are some questions you need to ask:

  • Do you offer medical detox?
  • Do you use any holistic detox methods?
  • Are there any activities that will help with my recovery, like yoga and meditation?
  • Will there be doctors or nurses on site?
  • How will you control withdrawal symptoms?
  • Is there any psychological care available?

Alcohol Detox and Treatment: Keep It Simple

Don’t let alcohol detox scare you or prevent you from seeking treatment. It is far more painful and life-threatening to continue to live with alcoholism. Instead, keep it simple — view alcohol detox as an ongoing process that gets easier with time. Even after you stop experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you can continue to stay healthy and get rid of toxins by working out, eating right, getting lots of rest and drinking plenty of water. Staying healthy physically is the first priority in alcohol detox.

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