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Why People Choose Drugs Over Family

Why People Choose Drugs Over FamilyWhen a family member becomes addicted to a drug, he or she undergoes vast amounts of changes, from both a physical and a mental standpoint. These changes eventually cause a great deal of friction between the user and his or her family, as the drug drives a wedge between their communication and understanding. This can make the family of the user feel as though he or she is choosing drugs over their loved ones.

As long as this friction continues to grow, and the family member continues to use, many possible problems and dilemmas can occur, some being especially difficult to work through.

  • Arguments: Arguments are the main source of anger, frustration, and sadness within a family who is trying to function alongside a drug user. Screaming matches, physical altercations, verbal abuse, and an overall disrespect can cause differences. These situations are generally fueled on both sides, as the user wants to continue his or her use, while the family begs for them to seek treatment. As the two sides cannot see eye to eye, so ensues these types of arguments.
  • Dishonesty: When a user becomes dependent on a drug, it is his or her mission to find ways to continue getting access to drugs, money to do so, and places where they can use. This can lead the user to become extremely dishonest, as their means to obtain the drug and their usage is illegal and certainly not supported by their family. The family then experiences strong feelings of betrayal, dishonesty, and overall sense of being lied to all so their loved one can use, thus the division of the family continues.
  • Irresponsibility: As the user travels deeper into their drug use, the more they lose sight of their responsibilities to their family. This can include being unreliable, untrustworthy and unable to be held accountable, for his or her actions towards the family. The family is only seeing negative aspects of their loved ones drug use at this point, validating their feelings of rejection by the user.

A person using drugs most likely does not want to lose his or her family, make them upset, or cause unnecessary harm or stress. Their actions are generally a result of the drug being used, as it prevents the user from being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive relationships. However, it is important to understand that most users do not chose their families over drugs, but rather the drugs are so powerful that there is no contest for the family or anything else that tries to come between the user and their drugs.

Families experience a great deal of stress and anxiety when a loved one is under the influence of a drug addiction. Finding that loved one treatment can be the most beneficial and effective way to help revive the person the family remembers before their addiction. Speaking with an interventionist, a doctor, or a therapist can help jump start this process of rehab and begin to help both the user and the family heal and move forward in a positive manner.

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