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What’s Keeping You from Getting into Rehab?

What's Keeping You from Getting into Rehab?One of the first results of addiction is the loss of the ability to accurately understand the seriousness of drug or alcohol abuse. Though the disease of addiction has a physical aspect to it, the real power of it lies in its ability to convince you to keep using. Human emotions function on a deeper and more powerful level than rational thought or willpower. Austin residents who know intellectually that they have a disease that is destroying their life, deeply hurting those they love and placing them in physical, financial and legal jeopardy will find it nearly impossible to get clean without help.

How Psychological Addiction Works for Austin Residents

The high brought on by drug and alcohol abuse directly affects the pleasure center of the brain. This is the same area that manages a variety of psychological functions including the following:

  • Impulse control
  • Emotions
  • Anxiety control
  • The formation of behaviors (habits)
  • Memory

Getting drunk or high provides temporary relief from emotional and physical pain, and the brain will reinforce whichever behaviors provide that relief. Neural pathways are chemically rewired around the need for the substances, and a person caught in this situation will crave substances on a much deeper level than intellectual understanding. The brain will use every psychological tool at its disposal to keep the high coming. Justification, denial, anger and even humor can be employed against recovery efforts. While the physical effects of addiction often run their course in a matter of a few days of detox and withdrawal, the psychological effects can last for month, years or even a lifetime. Long-term recovery is possible for Austin residents with the right help.

The Benefits of Addiction Rehabilitation for Austin Residents

Professional rehab is important for lasting addiction recovery in Austin. The most effective programs develop customized treatment plans for each patient based on his or her unique needs. Recovery specialists have a range of therapeutic tools to choose from including the following:

  • Individual counseling
  • Education
  • Introduction to healthy new coping skills
  • Relaxing exercises, yoga, meditation
  • Support group meetings
  • Opportunities to serve others
  • Healthy ways to have fun
  • Strategic preparation for life after treatment
  • Spiritual support

All of this takes place in a restful and comfortable environment over a long enough period of time to reprogram the brain to its pre-addiction patterns.

Get Addiction Rehab Help Now

If you are considering addiction rehab for yourself or a loved one, please call our toll-free helpline. We are here any time of day or night and are eager to answer any questions you may have about addiction or rehab. We can even help with details like insurance, financial concerns or the logistics of treatment. Call today, and let us walk you through what is keeping you from getting into rehab. A future free of life-controlling addiction is waiting for you. Let us help you get there.