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The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical Advice

The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical AdviceMany people have an inaccurate view of how rehab works. Due to contemporary media which is more interested in drama than facts, people think rehab is a combination of a mental hospital and prison. The truth is that the most successful modern treatment centers defy all of these stereotypes in the following ways:

  • Patients can leave at any time
  • Facilities are often comfortable, restful and peaceful
  • Programs consist of various types of education, skill development and counseling
  • Patients receive a healthy and satisfying diet along with plenty of fun and stimulating activities
  • Medically supervised detox allows doctors to relieve harsh withdrawal symptoms

With very few exceptions, Austin drug addicts who seek recovery are not locked in against their will; they can leave any time. The recovery process requires the active and willing participation of the addict. It is not functionally possible to treat someone against her will.

Psychological Addiction and the Temptation to Quit Rehab Early

The physical side of addiction causes withdrawal symptoms. This process can be very uncomfortable but only lasts a few days. However, the psychological symptoms of addiction are much more powerful and long-lasting. The brain will crave the emotional relief from drug or alcohol use and will use every tool at its disposal to keep the drug coming. This includes the following psychological problems:

  • Denial that addiction is a real problem
  • Overconfidence in one’s ability to quit without help
  • Blame shifting
  • Procrastinating
  • Euphoria following detox that feeds overconfidence

Drug addicts who finish a couple weeks of rehab commonly become convinced that they are completely healed and will never abuse substances again. They are thrilled that they have accomplished something in detox that they didn’t think possible. This overconfidence causes them to bristle at the rehab process and the continuing work required of them. This is a direct manifestation of the psychological power of the disease. If Austin drug addicts want to recover, they should avoid this pitfall and stay in recovery.

What Happens When Austin Residents Quit Rehab Early?

Those who quit rehab before their physicians recommend it usually relapse due to any of the following experiences:

  • Overconfidence leads them to go to places or be with people that will tempt them to use
  • They don’t avail themselves of aftercare programs
  • Incomplete skill development causes them to return to substance abuse following certain triggers such as panic, financial struggles, loneliness or other negative consequences from their previous abuse

The resulting relapse will lead recovering Austin drug addicts to return to chronic substance abuse, overdose or a return to rehab and repeating detox. While recovery is still possible at this point, it is far less painful to avoid relapse in the first place by completing rehab and fully engaging in the aftercare counseling process.

Help for Austin Drug Addicts

If you live in Austin and are considering quitting rehab, or if you already have and you are out on your own, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline any time for specialized help. Our counselors can connect you with the best recovery resources for your specific needs, and they can answer any questions you have. Don’t risk relapse, and don’t give up on a future free of the pain of addiction.