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The Connection between Impulse Control and Drug Abuse

The Connection between Impulse Control and Drug AbuseImpulse control means someone can delay gratification of specific desires. Austin residents who lack this quality may struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, but they may eventually wonder which came first, the impulsivity or drug use?

Brain Activity and Impulsivity

While impulsivity and drug use are definitely interrelated, medical professionals are still researching whether impulsiveness leads to drug use or drug use leads to impulsivity. These professionals have found that some teenagers’ brains are wired differently, which causes them to be more impulsive and have a greater risk of drug use. Teens who have this greater risk show some decreased brain activity in the orbitofrontal cortex (Whelan & Conrod, 2012).

Initial drug use is often an impulsive decision, wherein an Austin user may not think about the long-term consequences. Instead, these users focus on the desired effects, like the euphoria or energy of a high. Unfortunately, that one impulsive decision can easily lead to a pattern of drug abuse and a strong addiction.

Genetics and Impulsiveness

Some genetic factors also cause some Austin residents to be more impulsive, which also puts them at a greater risk for drug abuse. For instance, having a specific DNA sequence puts people at a greater risk of drug use, and this issue seems to be strongly related to gender.

How Drugs Affect Impulsiveness

Austin drug users may be predisposed to impulsivity and drug use, but drug and alcohol use can also make users more impulsive. Drugs inhibit the senses and make users more likely to make poor decisions that can be life threatening, both to themselves and to others.

Drug Abuse Treatment

Impulsivity can harm the recovery process if Austin users ignore it. During addiction treatment, you will learn coping skills that will help you deal with your impulsivity and avoid relapse. Drug abuse treatment is essential in helping you overcome your drug use and maintain sobriety.

Austin Addiction Help

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