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Sober Relationships after Addiction

Sober Relationships after AddictionRelationships are one of the many areas that suffer from addiction. Addiction is a disease that consumes and isolates its host. Some Austin drug addicts may avoid others to hide their drug habits, which can make others feel ignored. Usually the effects of addiction will become so unmanageable that friends, family, coworkers and even acquaintances will notice the changes. Relationships will be put to the test as addicts neglect others, say hurtful things or put lives in danger.

How Addiction Affects Relationships

A common repercussion of addiction is job loss or financial problems, which can cripple an addict’s family or spouse. These problems can even result in divorce, bankruptcy, homelessness and limited time with children. Friends and family will grow tired of compensating for their loved one, because the addict does not learn from his troubles and will constantly need help from others. Loaning money to, lying for and taking care of the addict is exhausting for any Austin resident, no matter how much they love the addict.

When Austin drug addicts throw away precious relationships to maintain drug use, friends and family may feel deeply hurt and taken advantage of. Spouses or partners may question if the addict cares and doubt that they deserve loved. Feelings of guilt, anger, fear, worry and helplessness are common for the friends and family of an addict. For families with children, the effects of addiction are more severe. Trust and respect can be lost and children may possess great amounts of fear or anger for a parent. The children of addicts usually struggle with low self-esteem, immense guilt, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder and depression.

How to Rebuild Relationships Damaged by Addiction

Reconciling relationships is a major part of addiction recovery. Austin drug addicts should know that some relationships are irreparable, which is just one of the risks associated with addiction. But the only chance addicts have at repairing relationships is by getting clean. Sobriety allows people to think, feel and behave in the way that is necessary to show love, kindness, friendship and respect to others. Through addiction recovery addicts will get the help they need to repair relationships and engage in new, healthy ones. Family, marriage and group counseling can also help addiction recovery. This professional help can train patients to repair relationships, address issues and prepare for life after rehab. All people affected by addiction need time to heal before they can give themselves to others and engage in healthy relationships.

Austin Addiction Help

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