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Should I Cut an Addict Out of My Life?

Should I Cut an Addict Out of My Life?Dealing with someone who is battling a substance abuse problem can be extremely challenging on a day-to-day basis, and even more difficult over a long period of time. Many Austin residents who have loved ones with an addiction can quickly find themselves at their wits end juggling the inherent chaos that comes with addiction. The simple answer would be to just walk away, but most people cannot just cut ties and forget they ever knew this person. Many people do not want that, therefore determining when and if they should cut an addict out of their lives can be extremely upsetting.

Negative Effects of Addiction on Loved Ones in Austin

The following are potential effects addiction may have:

  • Financial strain: For those closely involved in the life of someone with an addiction, financial woes may quickly come about not only for the user, but for the people around them. Putting money into supporting a loved one with an addiction can be costly, especially if you are paying for both their necessities, as well as providing them with drug funds so they do not resort to more dangerous ways of obtaining them.
  • Pressure to accept and support the addiction: The constant pressure to support and accept the user for what he has become is extremely stressful. The user may become very angry with a loved one who doesn’t show support of their lifestyle or who constantly puts it down.

As each user is different, so is each addiction situation. This means that not everyone should or even can cut an addict out of their lives, but some can and chose to do so. Before making any kind of official decisions on whether to walk away from a loved one in Austin struggling with addiction, it is important to first set limits. These boundaries will help determine if it is possible to continue to show your loved one the right kind of support during their addiction.

Tips for Austin Residents to Know When to Set Limits

The following are tips for what limits should be set:

  • Finances: When a user is continually draining you of money, it is time to withdraw your funds to ensure that you are not enabling them to continue their destructive lifestyle.
  • Acceptance: You can accept that a loved one is an addict, but you should not accept their behaviors. You should also not accept their continued addiction, but show support for treatment options and sobriety.
  • Dishonesty: Many addicts in Austin exhibit dishonest behaviors as they attempt to protect their addiction and continue their use. This behavior should be monitored closely.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to cutting addicts out of your life. This decision needs to be carefully and thoroughly considered. For both your own and the addict’s sake, it is highly recommended that you attempt to help the addict get better, but not at your own sacrifice. If the effort required to do this becomes not worth it, then considering cutting off contact may be a healthier option for you.

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