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Should I Choose an Out-of-State Addiction Rehab Program?

Should I Choose an Out-of-State Addiction Rehab Program?Choosing the right rehab facility can be a critical decision in recovering from addiction. It often makes sense to choose a facility that is close by for the ease of access and having supportive friends and family members close by. However, choosing an out-of-state rehab facility can be more beneficial to some Austin residents’ overall recovery success. Some of the many benefits to out-of-state rehab include the following:

  • The ability to focus solely on recovery – Getting away from the daily distractions of home life can allow a person to focus on recovering. Out-of-state rehab allows a person to escape daily stressors and responsibilities that can distract from focusing on recovery.
  • A new environment – A new location far from home helps an addict to escape negative influences such as friends who still use drugs. Getting away from places that may be reminders of substance abuse can be beneficial to avoiding a relapse. Destructive behaviors associated with familiar environments can be escaped and allow a person to develop new healthier behaviors.
  • A new hope for past rehab failures – Some individuals are in and out of local rehab programs because the environment may not be conducive to long-term recovery. Going out-of-state for a new rehab program can offer a person a new sense of hope and excitement about recovering from their addiction. A complete change of scenery and trying something new can often be the answer to past rehab failures.
  • Committed to recovering – Accepting treatment at an out-of-state facility often forces a person to become more committed to their recovery. Being far away from home reduces the temptation to give up and just try again another time. Having fewer options for being able to get home easily and start using again can be conducive to overcoming the addiction and complete treatment.
  • A new support network – Getting away from past friends, family, or co-workers can be essential to overcoming addiction without the negative influences. Out-of-state rehab can allow an individual to create a new network of supportive friends that help to promote long-term sobriety.

Choosing an out-of-state rehab facility in a personally conducive environment such as mountainous regions or tropical areas can help to promote a sense of peace about recovery. Looking at out-of-state rehab as a form of vacation that will help to restore you can be more beneficial than a local treatment program. Traveling for out-of-state rehab can often be difficult for certain Austin residents with financial restrictions. However, there are programs that offer financial support for traveling to rehab. These programs work with the addicts financial restrictions and develop affordable payment plans. Some programs offer to personally assist and travel with the individual to ensure safe travel.

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