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Programs to Help You Recover from Addiction

Programs to Help You Recover from AddictionSuffering with addiction in Austin can be a frightening experience. Many addicts feel like there is nowhere to turn for help, and that recovery is impossible. Users have tried to quit on their own but always end up relapsing within a few days or weeks. Getting over an addiction by yourself is nearly impossible, but there are programs that can give you the help you need to beat addiction. Many people in Austin are suffering from addictions but don’t know how to take the first step to recovery. Admitting you have a problem is a huge step in the right direction. After you admit you have a problem, there are several different treatment options for Austin citizens suffering from an addiction.

Rehabilitation Treatment Centers

Treatment in a rehab center can help users get past their addictions and move on with their lives. Users in a rehab center will receive multiple types of therapy and learn how to cope with their addiction. The goal of rehab is to prepare users for life without addiction, and to show them how to beat the temptation of relapse. Users typically stay in a rehab center for an extended period of time so they can receive continuous treatment.

Individual and Group Therapy

Individual therapy will help users discover the root of their addictions. Users meet a few times a week with a professional therapist to talk about their addictions and why they abuse drugs. The therapist will help them realize that an addiction controls life and that there are underlying causes involved.

Group therapy takes place in a classroom setting where users are led by an instructor. The instructor is usually a therapist, and talks to the class about addictions and their causes. The classroom setting provides an open forum for dialogue between users concerning their experiences and addictions. Through discussion and teaching from the instructor users will learn how to address their addictions and heal.

Find an Addiction Treatment Program

Suffering from an addiction will hold you down until you get the help you need. If you are from Austin and want to talk to someone about finding addiction treatment, our toll-free helpline can help. We are open 24 hours a day and can answer any questions you have about addiction or addiction treatment. Be sure to ask our addiction experts if your health insurance will help cover the cost of your rehab. The time to get help with your addiction is now, so pick up the phone and call today.