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Paying for Addiction Treatment

Paying for addiction treatmentAddiction treatment is essential, but still 30 percent of Americans don’t seek help. One of the reasons for this is cost. Addicts don’t typically have endless funds available due to their drug use and this can cause them to avoid rehab.

Costs of Addiction Treatment

There are many different forms of addiction treatment, which means there is not one set amount you can expect to pay. Private drug and alcohol rehab facilities tend to be more expensive than public drug rehab centers, and the more intensive the treatment, the higher the bill. To determine what you can afford, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much money do I have available in savings? How much money is available from family members?
  • Do I have insurance that will cover the cost of treatment?
  • Will I have to take time off work or will I still have income?
  • What are the costs of treatment?

Health Insurance & Addiction Treatment

Most health insurance plans will cover a portion of addiction treatment. For those who are receiving inpatient treatment, health insurance will usually cover the first 30 days of treatment. The best way to find out what your health insurance plan covers is to call your provider and ask them about benefits for addiction treatment.

Other Options to Pay for Addiction Treatment

In an effort to help addicts and alcoholics get the treatment they need, many drug and alcohol rehabs will offer monthly payment plans or financing options. There are also alcoholism treatment centers that are subsidized privately or by the government, or allow for payment on a sliding scale. These options ensure that all individuals get the help they need. Do your research to find a center that will work for you.

Turning to Friends and Family to Help Pay for Addiction Treatment

Lastly, don’t overlook your friends and family members. Though this can be a touchy issue — especially if you borrowed money from them during your addiction and never paid it back — they want to see you get better and overcome your addiction. While there is no guarantee, if they can help you, they may.

With a variety of options above, you don’t need to avoid treatment due to lack of affordability. Call the number above to learn more about how to pay for addiction treatment and to discuss your options.