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How to Help a Family Member with Addiction

How to Help a Family Member with AddictionDrug or alcohol addiction impacts people greatly, causing turmoil, change, and instability. This seems pretty obvious, but less obvious is the fact that the families and friends of an addict are often effected just as much, if not more by their loved one’s addiction. If a member of your family is battling a drug addiction, you know only too well the damage that can result. If you are sure that your Austin loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol it is time to take action. Though you cannot force him to stop using there are steps you can take to help him realize that his addiction is a problem as well as encourage him to seek treatment.

How to Talk with an Austin Addict about Addiction

If you have not done so already, talk to your loved one. Do your research and explain what her drug use is doing to her physically and mentally. Explain what it is doing to your Austin family. Tell her of the negative changes that you have noticed in her personality and lifestyle since she started using. Encourage her to enroll in rehab and don’t judge her for her drug use. Realize that that if the addiction is strong, your Austin loved one may be unable to see the truth of your statements. If this is the case remember to stay calm. If you become angry or hostile your loved one will feel attacked rather than approached and will, most likely, become defensive. Give an ultimatum. Let your family member know that, if she continues to abuse drugs and does not change her behavior, you will have to distance yourself from her.

How to Encourage Sobriety

If you are giving your loved one money for food and he is using it for drugs you are enabling his drug use. Cut off his supply. Drugs severely impede a person’s ability to reason; therefore, instead of using the money that you have given him for necessities, an Austin drug addict will use his funds to obtain his next supply.

How to Stage an Intervention in Austin

If your Austin loved one refuses to go to rehab, consider staging an intervention with a professional drug counselor. Often, interventions go well because of a counselor’s unbiased point of view. She can ensure that emotions don’t overpower the purpose of the meeting, as well as make sure everyone is fairly represented. In these situations, it is essential that you don’t judge or belittle your Austin loved one. Drug addiction is not something that he can just quit cold turkey. It is an illness that needs the proper treatment.

Remember, you cannot make your loved one change. You can only encourage her to get help. The decision to go to rehab must be hers. It is not your job to help your loved one break her addiction. That can only safely be done in a rehab facility.

Help Your Loved One in Austin

If you have an Austin family member who is struggling with addiction, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. We can answer any question that you may have about drug addiction, rehab, and recovery. You do not have to deal with this alone. Call us today.