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How to Give Your Child a Future after Addiction

How to Give Your Child a Future after AddictionYoung adults in college have difficulty with substance abuse, as they deal with their first taste of independence. The pressures, responsibilities, and adjustments involved with living away from family are added to new access to illegal substances in Austin. However figuring out life and determining a future course is even more overwhelming when coupled with an addiction, so no blame or additional stress should be put on your child. When talking about drug use emphasize risks such as the following:

  • Academic failure
  • Seizures, panic attacks or psychosis
  • Long-term liver and heart problems
  • Memory damage
  • Higher risk for STDs, car accidents and unplanned pregnancies

Many young adults aren’t concerned with long-term health problems, but weighing the consequences can help put things into perspective. Make your case in any way possible, as ending drug use and finding professional help is essential for a healthy and successful future. Living a normal life in Austin after drug abuse is hard for a young person, so work with your child to help him or her maintain sobriety and build a future

You Child’s Life in Austin after Addiction

Realize that addiction is only a bump in the road, if treatment is completed successfully. Concentrate on the future, but respect the past and continue to support your child’s recovery. Addiction is a family crisis, so the solution involves the family as well.

Every addiction situation involves the potential for relapse. Addiction is a disease, and while rehab is an essential first step, recovery doesn’t happen overnight or even over a course of weeks. Support your child, encourage sobriety, accept failures that are followed by efforts to change and work toward preventing future relapse. Achieving these goals may involve setting expectations aside. Don’t expect too much from your child, and celebrate every small victory as a major success.

While you need to love and support your child, you do not need to be the “good guy.” Keep your child on target by insisting on visits to therapy and 12-step meetings and by setting and sticking to boundaries. Your son or daughter needs to assume responsibility to be prepared for a future as an adult in a world full of temptation. Finding the proper balance of emotional support, rules and hope isn’t easy to achieve, but recovery professionals are available to help at all stages of recovery. Your child can live a healthy, happy and normal life in Austin.

We Can Help

You do not have to go through this alone. We are here to help you and your child find a future after addiction. Call our toll-free number, as we are here 24 hours a day to answer your questions, listen to your concerns and provide advice and information in a non-judgmental environment. You can have a healthy, whole and successful family once again. Call today.