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How Negative Attention Can Influence Drug Use

How Negative Attention Can Influence Drug UseWhen an Austin resident realizes that he has a drug addiction, it is a shattering experience both for him and for his community. He may feel like punishing himself, and his loved ones may wish to keep their distance until he conquers this difficulty, but negative attention only makes an addiction worse. If you want to help someone get over addiction, avoid the dangers that come along with negative attention.

How Self-Blame Affects Addiction

Austin residents may think that they act because they want to, but with the recognition of addiction comes the knowledge that drug users have lost control of their choices. This feeling of powerlessness can create the following responses:

  • Anger with oneself, the circumstances that led to drug use and possibly one’s inner circle for not seeing what was happening and stopping it
  • Guilt over not having the inner strength to resist the drug
  • Shame that one is now a part of an extremely marginalized and maligned social demographic
  • Longing for addiction-free days and despairing that they will ever be attained again

All of these emotions are too painful to be processed alone. Often, these feelings drive addicts deeper into drug use as a way to self-medicate shame.

How Blame from Others in Austin Affects Addiction

An addict’s family members and friends have their own set of responses to the news of addiction. Here are a few examples:

  • Resentment that they are connected with someone whose addiction will likely draw negative attention
  • Helplessness to lead their addicted loved one toward recovery
  • Fear that the addict will steal from them, harm them or influence them to start using drugs themselves
  • Anger that the addict could not resist drugs
  • Guilt for not seeing the signs of potential addiction earlier

These reactions can distance the addict from his community, whether they feel animosity toward him or not. The shock and hurt of an addiction and the subsequent estrangement are too great for an Austin drug addict to handle without support. Although addicts know their loved ones disapprove of addiction, they will often turn paradoxically to the very substance they hate to comfort themselves.

How Cultural Blame Affects Addiction

Popular culture portrays successful people as free, independent, beautiful, wealthy and well-liked. A drug addict often feels the exact opposite of these qualities. Mainstream media looks down on addicts, which does not help those enslaved by addiction. Rather, it drives them further into the drug community, where solidarity in isolation keeps its members victimized. Austin residents who feel different from their peers may find a social outlet in drug abuse, where the atmosphere of acceptance seems to be what they have always wanted. Unfortunately, remaining in such circles will only press one deeper into the slavery of addiction.

Austin Addiction Help

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