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How Does a Parent’s Addiction Affect Children?

How Does a Parent's Addiction Affect Children?Any child whose parent uses alcohol or drugs is affected by the substance abuse. Austin parents who struggle with drugs may think drug abuse doesn’t affect their children, but the children deal with the effects of addiction on a daily basis. Even though children may not live with the addicted parent, the child still feels the effects of drug addiction each day. Children of addicted parents still cope with these effects even if the parent is no longer using. Parents who are in recovery must understand the impact their addiction has and will have on their children.

How Addiction Affects Austin Families

Children of addicted parents live chaos because each day can bring new problems. Parent addicts are inconsistent with their affection, behavior, responses or routines, so kids never know how the parent will react in any given situation. Some children of addicted parents believe the addiction is their fault and try to make things better by keeping a clean room and house, getting good grades and not fighting with siblings. Other Austin children may withdraw, thinking that if they keep quiet and do not cause any problems then their parents will not use. Children of parents who are addicted take on responsibilities well beyond their years and experience, which has many devastating effects.

How Addiction Affects Relationships

Children of addicts may have difficulty forming lasting friendships due to volatility in the home. Because they never know what to expect from their parents, these children may avoid social engagements that require parental involvement. This can be due in part to both embarrassment and the desire to avoid disrupting the home. Children of Austin drug addicts may feel responsible for other family members and be less likely to trust others, adults or children.

How Addiction Affects Behavior

Children of addicted parents can also have delays in normal development, so a child of addiction may exhibit more emotional, physical and mental health problems than others. There is an increase in depression and suicide among children of addicted parents, and they are at an increased risk for drug experimentation and addiction. Households with an addicted parent are more likely to be dysfunctional, which puts children at risk for physical and sexual abuse, homelessness and low self-esteem.

How Austin Parents Can Address Their Drug Addictions

If you are a parent, drug addict and you live in Austin, the best thing you can do for your children is seek treatment. Detox and rehab will give you a chance to understand how your addiction affects your children and how to reverse these effects. If you are the partner of a drug addict and children are involved, you can help by removing yourself and your children from as many effects as possible. Keep them in school, seek help for the addicted parent and maintain household routines. Counseling for children of drug addicts gives Austin kids a place to share their feelings and learn coping skills as their parent gets help.

Help for Austin Drug Addicts

If you are an Austin parent struggling with addiction, it’s important to understand how your addiction affects your children. If you are a child with an addicted parent, you are not alone. Our phone counselors are available 24 hours a day on a toll-free helpline to take your calls and answer your questions. We can help you find the right treatment program for your unique situation, so call us now.