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Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?

Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?Sober escorts are individuals who are responsible for monitoring a recovering addict’s sobriety after leaving rehab treatment and transiting to a half-way house or his or her home in Austin. Treatment and recovery centers offer sober escorts for their clients, and sober escorts can also be hired independently. The services offered and duties performed by a sober escort will vary depending on the organization or facility used, but in general, sober escorts will be responsible for seeing that the addict gets from one place to another in Austin without using again.

How Does a Sober Escort Help Early Addiction Recovery?

A sober escort can be hired for around-the-clock supervision keeping a recovering addict on the right path. Sober escorts are especially helpful for addicts whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked by offering an accountable, alternative means of transportation in Austin. Sober escorts can transport clients to and from work, home, treatment, group meetings etc. A sober escort is trained to assist individuals with addictive personalities and tendencies and is prepared to intervene and keep the addict away from environments that offer drug accessibility or the temptation to use. Some recovery programs offer variations of a sober escort, like a sober coach or companion. These individuals will generally perform the same tasks as a sober escort, but each job title will perform different roles in Austin depending on the employer. Sober companions, escorts and coaches can serve as an accountability partner or a sponsor and even live with the addict to provide constant supervision for those addicts with little restraint.

Who Can a Sober Escort Help?

A sober escort is especially helpful to those who are struggling with a serious addiction in Austin. Staying clean is a much easier task when an addict is surrounded by supportive professionals and away from all temptations. Leaving treatment and transitioning back to daily life in Austin can be overwhelming, and many addicts lose sight of their recovery. Having a sober escort can strongly encourage an addict to stay focused and on-track with recovery. Having a sober escort also eases the transition from rehab to the ‘real-world,’ and over-time, the addict will be trained to monitor his or her own recovery and avoid relapse without supervision. Sober escorts are also useful for addicts lacking a solid support system of friends and family back home as well as individuals who live in an environment where drug use is prevalent in Austin.

Find a Sober Escort for Your Addiction Recovery

If you would like to hear more about sober escorts or other addiction treatment and recovery services in Austin, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our recovery professionals are here for you, 24 hours a day to assist you with all your questions, concerns and needs regarding addiction recovery services. We can help you find a professional sober escort that fits your own, unique recovery needs as well as any other resources that may benefit your recovery. To learn more, call and speak with a recovery professional today.