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Do I Have to Participate in a 12-step Program?

Do I Have to Participate in a 12-step Program?Many Austin addicts think of 12-step programs when they consider addiction recovery. However, not everyone views these programs as helpful or desirable. Some people disagree with the content of the 12-steps, or they worry about interacting with the other participants. These programs are not for everyone, but they have enabled many people to achieve lasting sobriety from drugs or alcohol. Regardless of whether or not you choose to participate in a 12-step group, it is crucial that you find a strong support system of people to encourage and uphold you through the difficult journey of recovery. Austin addicts can get clean, but will need help.

What Makes a 12-step Program Successful for Austin Residents?

12-step programs are run by the members themselves, don’t cost any money, and accept everyone. They are based on a set of principles that guide people to understand the need to rely on a higher power in order to gain freedom from addiction. The meetings allow Austin addicts to meet with others who understand what you are going through: these people can provide insight into overcoming your challenges. If you choose to, you can get connected with a sponsor, someone who has already been in the group a while to act as your guide through the 12 steps. While these individuals may not be as knowledgeable as an addiction professional, they have an understanding of what addiction recovery feels like and the realities of what it takes to succeed.

Are There Problems with 12-step Programs?

While 12-step programs help many people, they are not always right for everyone. The individuals running the programs are not professionals, but people who have overcome addiction. The meetings are not regulated, so the advice people give could be inaccurate or unhealthy. The group participants themselves may have emotional or relational problems and relationships with them could be problematic, especially if you yourself are dealing with issues such as depression or anxiety. One of the main difficulties people often have with 12-step groups are the 12 steps themselves. Austin individuals who have atheist or agnostic views can find the program disagreeable, since it relies on belief in a higher power as a source of strength.

Other Rehabilitation and Support Options for Austin Residents

12-step programs are not the only forms of support available to Austin addicts, and not all rehab programs require or use 12-step programs. There are many options and alternatives available to match your preferences and beliefs. There are groups that put their focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or psychotherapy. Some groups are entirely secular while others are based around a specific religious model. There are even internet support groups available which can be beneficial to those with social anxiety or who live in rural areas. Whether or not you choose to participate in a 12-step program is up to you, but it is important that you have a support system. Austin addicts should never attempt to recover without help.

Find Addiction Recovery Resources for Austin Residents

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