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Defining a Drug Abuse Problem

Defining a Drug Abuse ProblemDrug abuse affects millions of people and can often be confused with other drug-related terms such as drug addiction and recreational drug use. Drug abuse is a compulsive and habitual use of any drug in excess amounts that produces an altered state. Drug abuse can occur in Austin residents without an addiction being present, although it often leads to addiction.  Some common symptoms of a drug abuse problem include the following:

  • Being absent from or late for work due to drug use
  • Increasingly dysfunctional family life
  • Financial difficulties and strain due to spending money on drugs
  • Decreased ambition and lowered sense of personal well-being
  • Using drugs to cope with negative emotions or uncomfortable situations
  • Memory impairment
  • Being hospitalized for drug use

Problems with drug abuse will not only affect an Austin area individual, but his or her family members and friends as well. Spouses, children, and siblings are commonly devastated by a person’s drug abuse problem.

What Austin Residents Should Know about Drug Abuse and Addiction

Learning about drug abuse, dependence and addiction can help Austin residents identify if they have a problem with drugs. Abusing drugs can often lead to the development of a physical dependence and addiction. Some common drug-related terms and their definitions include the following:

  • Physical dependence – When using a drug regularly over a long period of time, a person can develop a physical dependence on a drug. He requires consistent intake of the drug in order to avoid painful withdrawal symptoms.
  • Psychological dependence – After growing accustomed to the psychological and emotional effects of a drug, individuals begin to believe that they need the drug in order to survive.
  • Drug addiction – A person can become emotionally and mentally dependent on using drugs. The person becomes so completely preoccupied with finding and using drugs that all other things that would normally be more important are forgotten. Severe drug addiction can cause a person to neglect hygiene, career, and personal relationships because they are so focused on consuming drugs.
  • Recreational drug use – Some people use drugs in a purely social setting or to enjoy alone for fun or experimental purposes. People who use drugs recreationally may not be physically or psychologically dependent, but can develop an addiction over time.

Drugs are commonly used for legitimate purposes such as prescription medication to treat various health conditions. When drugs are used as prescribed, they can be safe and effective. However, individuals attempting to abuse prescription drugs will commonly report fake symptoms and go to multiple doctors in order to get their prescriptions filled. Going to multiple doctors is generally referred to as doctor shopping. Drug abuse is a serious problem and often requires professional treatment to overcome.

Help for Austin Residents with Drug Abuse Problems

If you or someone you love in Austin is struggling with drug abuse problems and needs help, please call our toll-free number. Our professional counselors are standing by 24 hours a day to help you begin your road to recovery. Don’t be held back by drugs any longer. Call us today.