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Convincing a Loved One to Go to Rehab

Convincing a Loved One to Go to RehabMany Austin residents want to find help for a loved one with a drug problem. An attempt made by family and friends to persuade a person to enter rehab is called an intervention and it can help your loved one if handled well.

How to Stage an Intervention in Austin

The most important aspect of any intervention is planning. Before confronting your loved one, have a time and date set, decide on and invite those who should be present, and write down exactly what you want to say. Try to say how the addiction is hurting you without pointing fingers or placing blame. Also, anticipate your loved one’s objections and plan counterarguments. The prevailing attitude at an intervention should be one of concern, not pity; seek to create a peaceful and positive atmosphere.
Research will be an invaluable ally as you talk with your Austin loved one about the dangers of continuing drug abuse. You should also research treatment options and rehab facilities. Choose a qualified rehab center, have the addict’s bags packed and arrange transportation beforehand to ensure your loved one gets treatment as soon as possible.

Hiring a Professional Interventionist

Although time is a limited resource with a serious addiction, you don’t want to rush into an intervention. Instead, you may want to hire a professional interventionist who has experience with addiction situations. An interventionist will coach you before the intervention on what to say, and she will usually speak for the group when it comes time to confront the addict. This professional will also help make arrangements for rehab following the intervention. Hiring an interventionist will greatly improve the chances of reaching any Austin addict.

What to Do if an Intervention Fails?

So, what if you’ve tried an intervention? What if you’ve even enlisted the help of a professional without results? If that’s the case, you must understand that coerced treatment doesn’t work in the long run. Yes, forced sobriety may last inside rehab, but once out, if the addict’s unwilling to change, then the addiction will return full force. It may be that your loved one has simply not experienced a devastating enough event to make him see the seriousness of the situation. A lack of money, legal trouble, a divorce – any major life crisis could be what it takes to bring an Austin addict into rehab. For the time being, however, be prepared by researching treatment options and always be ready to help your loved one.
Even if your loved one rejects rehab after an intervention, you may have laid the foundations for recovery and sobriety for the future. Because recovery is a process, it’s important to continue encouraging your loved one to reach out for help.

Addiction Rehab Help for Austin Residents

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