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Alcohol Rehab Tips

Alcohol rehab tipsAlcohol rehab can help you put your alcoholism in remission. In addition to seeking professional treatment, there are also some tips that can help you with your recovery.

Alcohol Rehab Tip #1: Follow the Advice of Your Addiction Counselors

Many people who are in treatment feel that the medical and therapeutic advice of counselors and treatment professionals are suggestions rather than rules. Given the years of training and experience counselors have, they know what they’re talking about. Try whatever is suggested by counselors and give it a solid effort. Assume that you will succeed rather than setting yourself up for failure with a bad attitude.

Alcohol Rehab Tip #2: Exercise

As you detox from alcohol, your body will have a negative physical reaction. This may cause you to feel lethargic or sick while your system purges toxins. Exercise will help your body get the alcohol out of your system and help you regain your energy more quickly.

Alcohol Rehab Tip #3: Consider Detox Supplements

Your medical doctor overseeing your alcohol detox may have some herbal supplements that they recommend. Ask them what you can take to help decrease the length of time you spend in detox and aid your body in flushing the toxins out of your system.

Alcohol Rehab Tip #4: Get a Hobby

Breaking an addiction is difficult, but this can be made easier by taking up old hobbies you used to love or exploring a new hobby you’ve always been drawn to. Drawing, photography, writing, cooking or history — absorbing yourself in interesting activities and thought-provoking classes can help you in your recovery.

Alcohol Rehab Tip #5: Develop a Support System

Your support system is your best defense against relapsing. Attending 12-step meetings or other group therapy sessions, enlisting the assistance of family and friends or seeing a private therapist can make sure that you have someone to call and talk to you when you feel like relapsing.

Alcohol Rehab Tip #6: Remove Yourself from Temptation

Regardless of how successful treatment has been, more than 40 percent of alcoholics are tempted to drink from time to time. One of the simplest ways to keep temptation to a minimum after treatment is to remove yourself from that temptation.

Alcohol Rehab Tip #7: Embrace Positivity

Having a healthy, positive attitude toward your recovery and your relationship with alcohol is one of the best ways to stay on track in your alcohol addiction treatment. Help yourself to keep a better attitude by surrounding yourself with positive people, listening to positive music, reading positive books, meditating and more.

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