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Addressing Addiction and Depression in Treatment

Addressing Addiction and Depression in TreatmentAddiction and depression are often co-occurring disorders in those who struggle with substance abuse. According to the Epidemiologic Catchment Area study conducted in 1990 by the National Institute on Health, one-third of people with depression also suffer from substance abuse at some time in their lives. The study also found that men who abuse alcohol had depression rates that were three times higher than the general population. Many Austin residents who suffer from addiction have never been diagnosed or treated for depression. Alcohol and many addictive drugs act as central nervous system depressants, so Austin residents who use these drugs and have undiagnosed depression are at great risk of making their symptoms worse. Overdose and addiction relapse are also more common in those with undiagnosed or untreated depression. Proper treatment for Austin residents who struggle with both depression and addiction begins with Dual Diagnosis treatment in an alcohol or drug addiction rehab center.

Dual Diagnosis for Austin Residents

Dual Diagnosis involves determining whether there is an underlying mental illness contributing to an addiction. Dual Diagnosis involves psychotherapy and talk therapy to determine whether the mental illness is causing the addiction or vice versa. Diagnosis of this type normally occurs after a period of medically supervised detox where the body is given the opportunity to rid itself of the drug’s toxins. After detox, doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists will put together a comprehensive treatment plan. If you or your loved one in Austin is diagnosed with depression, this treatment plan will include appropriate medications to control the symptoms of the mental illness. Proper medication will help the person in recovery deal with his depression without turning to alcohol or drugs. This increases the chance of a successful recovery and decreases the risk of relapse.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities Available to Austin Residents

If you or a loved one in Austin struggles with depression and addiction it is important to choose a treatment facility that offers Dual Diagnosis. Not all facilities offer this type of treatment, so understanding your options and finding a center that will address these co-occurring disorders is crucial to treatment success. Because it is difficult to know whether the depression is being caused by the addiction or the addiction is being caused by the depression it is important to choose a treatment center that provides a wide range of programs. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an organization that certifies treatment facilities in the United States. CARF can help Austin residents locate a rehab center that provides treatment programs that address both addiction and depression.

Find Help for Austin Residents Battling Addiction and Depression

Addiction can be caused by untreated depression that is made worse by certain drugs or alcohol. If you or a loved one in Austin suffers from substance abuse and shows signs of depression, we are here to help you. Our trained helpline counselors are ready to answer your questions about addiction, depression, and Dual Diagnosis treatment. Call our toll-free number 24 hours a day to find the right treatment program for your unique situation.