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Addiction Specialists

Addiction SpecialistsIf you or another Austin resident suffers from a drug addiction, getting into rehab is the best way to get free of the drug. Drug rehab centers put together a trained staff of medical personnel, counselors, therapists and support staff to ensure your experience is the best it can be. Getting someone who is addicted to drugs back to a normal, productive way of life is the primary goal, and every staff member in a rehab facility works to achieve that result.

Addiction Rehabilitation Intake Counselor

One of the first people Austin residents will make contact with when considering a drug rehab facility is the intake counselor. The intake counselor will ask you questions and get information about you to help assess who you need to talk with next, whether the situation is an emergency and what kind of insurance you have. A lot can be learned about the facility through the intake counselor, so begin making your evaluation of the facility as soon as someone answers the phone.

Addiction Rehabilitation Medical Staff

For drug rehab facilities that offer medically supervised detox programs, the medical staff is the next group of professional you will be introduced to and work with. These staff members should be licensed and trained nurses and clinical staff to help guide you through your detox program and keep you comfortable and safe during withdrawal.

Addiction Rehabilitation Therapy Staff

A variety of therapists will be on hand to guide Austin residents through the rehab process once detox has ended. At this point you, along with your counselor or social worker, will decide whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is right for you. If you are an Austin resident and you’ve determined which program you need, therapists will design a program of one-on-one counseling and psychotherapy, family therapy and group therapy to guide you through the rehab process. Look for facilities with therapists who possess a degree in clinical psychology or a comparable degree from a reputable institution at a Master’s level or higher. This way you can rest assured your treatment will be of the highest quality.

Other Addiction Recovery Specialists

Rehab centers employ many other staff members you many encounter during your stay at a facility. Administrative staff, office personnel, resident directors and clinical directors all play a role in your treatment. When living in Austin and researching a facility, look for administrators who have both experience and degrees in clinical operations and a history in the rehab community. Office staff should be courteous, professional, well-informed and able to answer any question you may have about your treatment process. Residential directors live on-site at rehab facilities and see to the day to day care of the residents. These people should be adequately experienced in drug rehab and facility management.

Once you have completed your stay at a drug rehab facility, it is time to set up continuing care and support. The outpatient care coordinators and counselors will take control of your case and get you involved in continued counseling on an outpatient basis and connect you with support groups that will provide friendship and help you stay clean.

Find Addiction Specialists for Austin Residents

If you or a loved one in Austin needs help finding the right treatment center or addiction specialists, we are here to help. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline right now. Begin your recovery today.