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5 Tips for Safe Prescription Drug Use

5 Tips for Safe Prescription Drug UseWhen Austin residents get a prescription from their doctor, their primary concerns are how much to take, when to take it and what the potential side effects are. Take the time to speak with your doctor and get as much information about the medication as you need to be confident that you can take it safely. Some things to consider include the following:

  • The conditions the medication treats
  • The amount of the medication to take including how many times a day and when during the day it should be taken
  • Any foods or medications you should avoid when taking this medication
  • The side effects of the medication

If you do not understand something that your doctor says, ask him or her to rephrase their answer or direct you toward further resources.

Tip 2: Keep Drugs Effective

There two primary steps you can take to keep your medications effective include storing your medication away from heat or humidity and removing the cotton filling, because the cotton can draw moisture into the container. This means avoid storing drugs in bathroom cabinets, where they are often exposed to heat and humidity from showers and baths.

Tip 3: Store Drugs Safely

You want to make sure that your medication is available for your use for the recommended time that the doctor prescribed. You also want to keep your family safe by avoiding leaving your medication in an unguarded area. Some medications have colorful tablets that would attract a toddler or young child. Some medications have side effects such as euphoria, focus or loss of appetite that might attract teens. Keep the medications in a guarded place. For further security count the number of pills you get when you first pick up the prescription and mark the calendar each day that you take the medication so that you can keep track of how many pills you should have and be aware if any go missing.

Tip 4: Keep Drugs Organized

If you are taking multiple medications, do not mix them up. Many medications come in similar packages and often the size and shape of the medications are similar. You may want to get a daily pill dispenser or keep a chart of when and what medication you should take. Make sure you leave labels on containers and know what drug is stored where.

Tip 5: Dispose of Unused Medication

With the high cost of medication you may be reluctant to discard unused medications, but that is the safest thing to do. You do not want to worry about the medication being available to others, losing effectiveness or being available to use outside of a prescription. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) most drugs can be thrown in the household trash, but some drugs should be flushed down the toilet. Ask your doctor about the safest way to dispose of your medication and what the rules for prescription drug safety in Austin are.

Avoiding Prescription Drug Abuse

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