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Addiction Help

Addiction HelpThere are more than 2.5 million people in the United States who are battling a drug or alcohol addiction. With these high numbers, there are many families who are trying to help the ones they love by getting them treatment for their addiction. If you are among them, do you know what to do to truly help the addict?

Addiction Help: Accepting Addiction Treatment

Before anything can happen, you need to convince an addict that they are in need of help — something that they may refuse to recognize. The best way to do this is through an intervention led by a professional. During an intervention, you can describe the behaviors your loved one has exhibited under the influence of drugs and alcohol and ask them to accept addiction treatment.

Addiction Help Options

Choosing an alcohol rehab or drug rehab for your loved one before an intervention is required for success. If the person suffering from an addiction accepts help, they will need to be sent straight to treatment before they have the opportunity to change their minds.

One popular option is outpatient treatment, a rehab structure that has about a 70-percent success rate.  It’s a great option for your loved one as they will have access to medical assistance during detox as well as extensive therapy that will help them in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. You can also arrange aftercare services which will ensure that they are not left without support when they return home.

For those with addictions that are not severe, outpatient treatment may be sufficient, although it is less structured and may not be right for those who need an intervention. However, if someone in your life is reluctant to go to treatment because they don’t want to leave their job or family, it can be the best option. Evaluating the pros and cons of the various choices will lead you to the right decision.

Addiction Help Support

It’s important that everyone involved with an addict — like family members, co-workers and friends — lend their support. Reading this is a great first step if you want to help them. Next, to start ensuring they get the help they need, call us. We can help you through all of the above factors.  The call is free, and we will ensure that everything remains confidential so you don’t need to worry about blowing the whistle on your loved one.