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Austin Alcohol Treatment

Austin alcohol treatmentAustin, Texas is well-known as a progressive place, where a wide variety of people come to live, share ideas and advance their professional goals. But amidst this unique city, there are also a number of individuals living with alcoholism. For these individuals, the stakes are high, as addiction to alcohol can threaten their careers, relationships and personal health. Statistics show that more than 60 percent of people living in Austin have an addiction to alcohol. To help these proud Texans break the cycle of addiction, there are reputable treatment programs.

What Happens to Austin Residents in Alcohol Treatment

During alcohol treatment, individuals can expect to take part in three core programs — detox, counseling and aftercare. Each one plays a significant role in helping the individual overcome the physical and psychological components of their alcohol addiction.

Detox involves ridding the individual of the toxins left behind by years of drinking, and thereby overcoming the physical component of alcoholism. During alcohol detox, the individual may experience a number of withdrawal symptoms. These are uncomfortable, and often lead to relapse, which is why medical and counseling professionals play such a key role in the alcohol detox process. With the right program in place, more than 80 percent of people receiving treatment for alcoholism will overcome their addiction.

The detox process will be followed by counseling and therapy in which the addict will address the psychological aspects of the addiction. Here they will learn how to cope with stressors that trigger them to drink and learn how to avoid temptation. They will also discover why they formed the addiction in the first place.

There are then aftercare programs available that can help Austin alcoholics continue to remain sober. These programs are usually in the form of community support groups and group therapy.

Different Kinds of Alcohol Rehab Programs

The following represents some of the most common types of alcohol rehab centers – each of which is best designed to help a certain type of individual living with alcoholism.

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Aftercare programs
  • Sober living homes
  • Holistic treatment
  • Luxury rehab facilities
  • Teen rehab
  • Women-only rehab

Treatment Help for Austin Alcoholics

For more information on how to find help for alcoholism, please contact us at the number provided. We can help you or your Austin loved one get on the right path to recovery by pointing you towards some of the best rehab facilities in the country.